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About Us


As we say we deliver farm fresh best organic vegetables of our own farm in Delhi.We Were Agri (Honors.) students when we started.Our motto was very simple i.e to save underground water, save soil from chemicals & pesticide.So we decided to do farming & we proudly say we are farmers & we are son of farmers.We deliver 100% chemical free,pesticide-free & Non-GMO vegetables to our consumer. Anyone who want to visit our farm can come.We grow most of the desi variety & deliver best organic vegetables in delhi.

Situated in Jhajjar, Haryana, we are a bunch of students with extensive knowledge and experience in the agricultural sector. Our roots, attached to rural India, drive us towards creating and forming a sustainable organic planet, benefitting both the farmers and consumers

We aim to provide innovative solutions for serving our environment and deliver products that are 100% organic & chemical-free. From procuring genuine products from farmers to safe & sanitized packaging, we accomplish our duties carefully and organically.

Our Vision

To be a driver of the organic ecosystem which promotes, inspires and supports the livelihood of farmers and wellness of our consumers.Our vision is very simple,to save soil from chemicals & underground water & we always deliver chemical-free best organic vegetables to our constomers.

Our Mission

To educate and support farmers to do organic farming and help people live a better and healthier life by providing them hassle-free delivery of genuine organic products.We always deliver authentic,ethically grown, chemical-free organic vegetables in delhi.

Our Core Values

  • No compromise on quality
  • Service to all
  • Total Integrity & Respect
  • Commitment to serve the nature

Our Responsibilities

  • To provide authentic organic foods to our customers.
  • To sustain the effective methods of traditional system alongwith the usage of new technologies.
  • To support & safeguard the livelihood of farmers.
  • To maintain health & wellness of people.
  • To ensure constant supply of quality assured products.
  • We always provide best online organic vegetables in delhi. 

Our Reach

1000+ Farmers connected

100+ Farmers Benefitted

500+ Total Customers

200+ Active Customers