Multigrain Chakki Flour –
organic multigrain flour

Multigrain Chakki Flour

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Best Organic Nutritious Multigrain flour.

Oraplanet has introduced 100 %  Organic  Multigrains chakki atta. This flour is made with black wheat, ragi, desi chana, barley, jowar(sorghum), & Maize. It is not only free from chemicals and pesticides but is also very tasty and digestive as it contains all the roughage material naturally present in the Wheat and thus is also very good for the health 

    • Pesticide-free
    • Chemical-free
    • No preservative
    • Freshly Processed
    • No GMO & hybrid seed

     It controls obesity, Improves body metabolism, Prevents diabetes, and Maintains cholesterol levels.

    Adding multigrain atta in your diet helps you to easily lose weight. Most of the grains like jowar and ragi are gluten-free and therefore very healthyMultigrain atta is good for the digestive system of humans. It is loaded with fibers, and nutritious and it is just exactly according to your digestive system.